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CCSL offer advisory & Flexible investment management services to allowing you to entrust your day-to-day running to an experienced investment manager or take control of your investments and whilst benefiting from our advice & expertise.
The company aims to establish equity research departments in near term in order to provide customers with a comprehensive knowledge and information to help them in making better financial planning and providing tailor-made packages to its customer for their financial needs.

  1. Have an open and honest relationship with everyone we deal with.
  2. Veracity and Respect
  3. Provide services that are fast, efficient and represent value for money.
  4. Approachability and client-centered service
  5. Professionalism and stock market expertise
  6. Team work
  7. Energy and enthusiasm
  8. Embrace change and be innovative.
  9. Have a positive working environment based on mutual respect for each other and a supportive, sharing team spirit.