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Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Muhammad Nadeem Abdul Ghaffar
Mr.Muhammad Nadeem Abdul Ghaffar the Nominee Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Company, He started his career at the KSE as an agent in 1987. He became a Member of the KSE  in 1999 and started his own brokerage house that was later incorporated as Creative Capital Securities (Pvt.) Limited on March, 2006 as a Private Limited Company under the Companies Ordinance, 1984.
He has vast knowledge and mainstream experience of the local and international Capital markets and is competent enough to handle all stock market activities effectively and efficiently, His dynamic professional career spans over a period of over twenty-nine (29) years of exemplary achievements.
Mr. Hanif Ashraf

Mr. Hanif Ashraf is one of the other directors and Company Secretary of the Company. He is an MBA in finance and has 22 years of vast and diversified experience in equity market, brokerage house Management, Proprietary Equity Trading, Retail Client Risk Management.
He started his professional career as an Accountant with M/s Moosani Securities (Pvt) Limited (Member, KSE, LSE & ISE) in 1995. He also worked with M/s MAS Capital Securities (Pvt) Limited (Members, KSE) in the capacity of Manager. He joined hands with Mr. Muhammad Nadeem Abdul Ghaffar in 2003 first as a manager and later in 2006 as a director.
Under his supervision CCSL successfully pass through from the Pakistan’s worst equity market crises during 2005 and 2008 which financially affected the brokerage business, retail clients and their portfolios. He also has the great experience of Portfolio Management for High Net-worth Clients. He also attended various training courses and seminars regarding financial markets.

Company Secretary
Rizwan Ahmed Qazi

 Compliance Officer
Abid Siddique